This regulation presents guidelines to producers participation in the accomplishment of Grito Festival 13th edition. The goal is to foster the integration of Latin American and other continents cultural agents into a networked cultural production process.



Establish criteria and guidelines for the Grito 2019 in each city / country.
Select the Scream 2019 event producers.

Build and strengthen a network of integrated producers around the world.

To promote the professionalization and improvement of the events held in each locality.

Contribute to the formation of new producers spread throughout Brazil’s inland and other Latin American countries.

Shorten the distances between artists, producers and the public;


If the producer has confirmed his or hers registration, he or she must comply with the following guidelines:

Carry out the edition of Grito Rock between the March 1st and the April 30th.

Register a producer profile on our platforms.

Create one or more job openings for your Scream and curate the bands on the platform indicated on our website.

Perform the local networked event and share production information with other producers and workgroups through common communication channels such as mailing list, telegram and / or whatsapp chats, and producers Facebook group;

Use the official logo / brand, as well as apply the logos strip of sponsors and partners, according to the Visual Identity Application Manual.

Participate in the national outreach campaigns, as well as provide press advice from the festival in your city and share the clipping gathered;

Participate in at least 03 (three) campaigns proposed by the Festival.

To set up a musical program with authorial artists and bands and to guarantee spaces for local artists and bands.

The event should preferably have popular price.

Funding (sponsorship, support, partnerships and etc.) is free and is the responsibility of the producers in each city.

It is worth emphasizing that the economic management of the Grito is performed in a totally decentralized and autonomous way, that is, each local producer or director is responsible for the financial management of the Festival in its respective city.


The producer must register until February 28 in the application form with all the information requested and wait for the contact by email or Facebook to start production of the Festival; 


All producers will receive email, contact by Facebook and / or telephone contact of Grito’s team to confirm registration of the registered city.

In cases where there is more than one producer interested in holding the festival in the same city, we suggest that the production be done in partnership and in a collaborative way. Producers who have already made previous editions will have priority, but this criterion can also be evaluated by Grito management, if necessary.



Issues not provided for in this Regulation will be evaluated and decided at the sole discretion of the Grito management team. ;

Doubts and suggestions can be sent by email to [email protected]

The act of registration implies the agreement with all the terms of this Regulation.

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