Hi Grito producer, we are together on the twelfth edition of Grito 2019 making around the world!

Next you can access the infos about the festival and can heat up your production. They are important topics to the first steps of Grito’s performance: subscriptions opening, campaigns accession, collaborative communication, besides production tips. Follow here!


The Comunication kit has the main objective to help diffuse Grito from the local festivals, with adaptable materials, releases, visual identity, brand application manual, photographs, besides other infos to help press advisory. 

The campaigns are Grito Rock suggested actions to potentialize the festivals in many ways, proposing ideas, projects and activities, working as a formation support and improvement of any action and enlargement of the festival. Soon, more infos will be available.

A Grito 2019 complete presentation will be available – through the catch your scream campaign – with previous editions data, so the producers can show their partners, artists, sponsor, among others, the dimension and potency of the festival. Such as this campaign, many others will be available with the intent to help on the festivals development and innovation. See next!

See and participate on the Grito internal communication channels and our social networks:


Official Social Networks of the Grito
Página no Facebook: fb.com/FestivalGritooficial
Instagram: instagram.com/gritofestival/
Website: gritofestival.org

Internal channels with producers:
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[email protected]

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